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Laser Tag

Laser tag is tons of fun! (Please, only for our mateys 7 years of age or older. We reserve the right to deny entry for any reason.)

We’ll take you back and go over the game rules and instructions. Then, just buckle on your laser tag vest and start shooting!  Each game lasts for at least 12 minutes of play time, with a few minutes extra to go over the rules and instructions.

If you don’t want to play, you’re more than welcome to sit and watch. If your children aren’t old enough to play Laser Tag, check out this information on our PlaySmart indoor playground designed for our younger mateys.


$6 per person, per game
$5 per person, per game if you have a group of 8 or more


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

After the 1st game at regular price any additional games are 3 dollars!